Linyang He

Linyang He

  *Me in front of Chomolungma.

I am an undergraduate student at Fudan University, majoring in Data Science.

My research interest is computational psycho-/neuro-linguistics, which means that I am trying to bridge the gap between psycho-/neuro-linguistics and natural language processing. Generally speaking, I am interested in applying techniques from NLP (machine learning, deep learning) and cognitive science (EEG, eye-tracking, complexity metrics) to linguistics, especially to syntax.

Currently, I am a research intern at University of Chicago working with Prof. Allyson Ettinger and Prof. Ming Xiang .

When I'm in Shanghai, I am supervised by Prof. Xing Tian and Dr. Linmin Zhang at New York University Shanghai in cognitive science field. In the computation field, I am under the supervision of Prof. Zhongyu Wei at Fudan University.